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Small World Montessori School offers a quality Montessori education to children ages 2-6 regardless of race, creed, culture, or economic background.

Small World Montessori School is a private, not-for-profit, Montessori school housed in a beautifully renovated church building on High Street in Racine, Wisconsin.

Established in 1973, we offer programs based on the educational
philosophies of Dr. Maria Montessori

Small World offers a valuable Montessori experience:
  • safe, home-like atmosphere for your children to learn
  • respectful and courteous atmosphere
  • highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • multi-age group classroom
  • newly renovated outdoor play area
  • flexible programs to fit your family's needs
We are governed by a parent Board of Directors and our teachers are American Montessori Society trained. All programs at Small World are registered and accredited by the State of Wisconsin, Department of Education. The childcare programs are also state licensed.
The Montessori classroom contains works that allow students to learn at their own pace and interact with others in a natural and peaceful environment. The beauty and design of the Montessori materials captures the students' interest and includes opportunities for individual, small and full group activities in the following five areas:

The Practical Life Area provides the foundation of the Montessori classroom by strengthening the students' fine motor skills. Polishing, pouring, and table scrubbing help develop the self-confidence and concentration necessary for more advanced areas of the classroom.

The Sensorial Area helps the students become aware of detail. Works like the Pink Tower and the Red Rods introduce students to math concepts by allowing them to explore colors, weights, shapes, textures, sizes, sounds, and smells.

The Mathematics Area features a hands-on strategy for helping students understand and develop a sound foundation in math and geometry. The curriculum spans from basic works of one through ten to addition, multiplication, and fractions.

The Language Area contains pre-reading, phonics, and handwriting works to build language and early literacy skills while expanding the students' vocabularies. Sequencing, opposites, and matching are just a few of the pre-reading works that establish a basis for literacy.

The Cultural Subjects Area has a variety of works that help expand the students' knowledge of the world: geography, botany, zoology, and telling time.
All classes and ages offer Spanish language lessons

Montessori Introduction
(Monday-Friday or part time, from 8:30AM-11:45AM)
The toddler room offers very young children a unique time for self development in an atmosphere of respect and support. Carefully sequenced lessons and activities are introduced with the specific goal of building the child's self esteem and independence.

Morning Class
(Monday - Friday, from 8:30AM-11:45AM)
The Morning Class is the heart of the Montessori experience. The multi-age grouping of 2 1/2 to 6 year-olds creates a collaborative dimension in the classroom which focuses on the individual needs of each child within the supportive setting of the social group. Each child is unique with different interests, abilities, and needs. Children benefit most from consistent, daily attendance.

Extended Day
(Monday - Friday, Morning Class, then continuing from 11:45AM-2:30PM)
Extended Day allows more time for individual and social development, continuing on from the morning class. At lunchtime the children contribute to the meal by setting the table and serving, thus growing in courtesy and proper etiquette. In addition to the challenges of the excellent Montessori hands-on activities, we offer a variety of additional experiences during the extended hours:
  • Art and Creative Expression
  • Language Arts, Dramatics and Story Time
  • Science Explorations
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Lori Geisler - Administrator

I began my journey at Small World fifteen years ago as a parent. From the moment I came into Small World I loved the peaceful, academically enriched environment. As I watched my son flourish in his first classroom experience, I wanted to become more involved. The next year I joined parent board. Years later, when my daughter joined the Small World family, I decided to pursue my Montessori certification and become the lead teacher in the Willow classroom. After nearly 10 years of teaching, I became the administrator of Small World. I feel that I now am able to utilize all of my experience as a parent, board member, and teacher. This latest opportunity allows me to continue my work in making Small World Montessori the best it can be for the children of our community.
Nikki Rose Miller - Lead Teacher Peapod Room

I was born and raised in Racine and come from a family with a long line of teachers. I attended UW-Parkside and Gateway Technical College majoring in early education. I am Montessori Certified through the United Montessori Association. I love working with children and the sense of community at Small World. Prior to teaching I spent eight years working at paint-your –own pottery studio. While working there, I was able to develop my love for art. I have been involved in the Downtown Public Art Project for the past three years. In my free time I enjoy gardening and bike riding.
Chelsea Oscarson - Lead Teacher Willow Room

Greetings! I feel privileged to be part of the Small World Family. I graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education and from the Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center in Evanston, Illinois. I feel lucky to have interned for an entire year in the Willow Room before my transition into the lead teacher position. My past experiences with teaching include: a line therapist for children diagnosed with Autism, an Early Literacy Instructor for at risk bilingual students, a music and movement teacher for infants and toddlers, volunteering with the Girls Scouts, and a camp counselor. I enjoy working with children because they are goofy, fun, and joyful; like me! In my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga, reading, bike riding, gardening, and bird watching, anything to be outside.
Lisa Harris - Teacher Assistant Peapod Room

I graduated from the UW – Madison with a Bachelors of Science. After observing other preschools and then the classroom environment at Small World, I knew that this method of education was right for my daughter when she started at age three. When my daughter was five, the current Small World Montessori teachers were retiring. I believe in this education so much that I decided to go back to work and applied for the job with my sister-in-law, Lori Geisler. When I took the Montessori training for assistants it "spoke" to my inner child and I knew, without a doubt, that this was the education I had craved nearly my whole entire life. It has proven to be the most rewarding experience aside from being a mother and wife.
Not Pictured
Angie Molina- Teacher Assistant Willow Room

I have always had a passion for early education and have been working with young children since 1998. I have worked as a teacher, line therapist with children on the Autism Spectrum, family child care providers, and administration. The first time I visited Small World Montessori I knew it was where I wanted to be and I'm very happy to be joining SWMS as the Willow Room's assistant! I am married and a mom of 5. I enjoy spending time with my family; some of our favorites are camping, hiking, fishing, boating...anything that includes the outdoors.
Rachelle VanOfferen - Lead teacher for Montessori Enrichment Program

I have had a passion for working with children my entire life. I worked in childcare at the Sojourner Truth House(a home for battered women and children) in Milwaukee while going to school at UWM for elementary education. While living in California, I helped found a project-based learning school in my home town. I taught there for 7 years as a combined 3-5th grade teacher and then as a fine arts teacher. I discovered Montessori education after I went to visit my sister at the school that she worked at. I feel like I had finally found the education style that I had been searching for. I love working at Small World because of the sense of community. The parents, staff and children become family here. In my free time, I play in a band called Folkswagon.
Amber Fey - Assistant for Introductory Classroom Owlet Room

I began working at Small World in 2008 as a childcare teacher. When our toddler program opened in 2012 I became the assistant teacher. I received my assistant training at the Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center in Evanston, Illinois. I love Montessori education and I am so excited to be able to work with our two year olds in a beautiful, peaceful Montessori setting. In my spare time I provide care for my friends and family's little ones and volunteer at the Racine Theater Guild.
Rebecca Smith - Assistant for Introductory Classroom Owlet Room

I have always had an interest in early childhood education. When I was offered the opportunity to become an assistant teacher and have my daughter attend the Introductory Program, I excitedly accepted. I love working with all the children in our afternoon program and being a part of such a great team. I also have a background in cosmetology and nail technology. In my free time, I enjoy working on my small business, crafting, and spending time with my family.
(Available from 7:00AM-5:30PM)
Small World Montessori School understands your need to balance work and family. Our all day program is an affordable alternative to typical childcare. Our Montessori-based childcare program offers many educational and fun activities. Childcare is available at a weekly rate or flexible hourly care is available.

Our All-Day Program is the perfect mix of education and nurturing childcare:

  • Children experience the joy of learning in our morning Montessori classroom.
  • Parents experience the peace of mind knowing their child is growing and developing in an atmosphere of caring and respect.
  • The activities and materials invite the child to explore and learn.
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